SCHOOLCAMP@Calais, Nancy Vansieleghem, LUCA School of Arts, Belgium

Inspired by the project Ecole Mondiale, we want to rethink the idea of school in times of globalisation. Ecole Mondiale is a design for a school initiated by King Leopold II. The aim was to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to civilise an undisciplined world. In our project we do not want to think about the school in terms of civilisation. Starting from the idea that, over the last centuries, humankind has put processes in motion leading to developments for which we have no longer any standards to judge them, another approach to the world is required. Therefore, the question at stake in our project is how to rethink école mondiale not in terms of colonising, but in terms of seeing and experiencing the world. In order to do so, we take Calais as research base. As a border area, Calais hybridises economic aims and human needs, which reflects our neo-liberal society. From that point of view, we set up schoolcamp@calais. Particular aesthetic instructions and conditions were set up. By doing so, we tried to affect the senses rather than the intellect.


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