T.E. Lewis, M.J. Laverty (eds.), (2015) Art’s Teachings, TEaching’s Art

T.E. Lewis, M.J. Laverty (eds.), (2015) Art’s Teachings, TEaching’s Art, Springer Contemporary Philosopies and Theories in Education 8

“In both cases, [Art’s Teachings & Teaching’s Art] the aesthetic possibilities of perceptual (re)disruption, imaginative transcendence, and poetic experience are increasingly marginalized if not completely censored in favor of technocratic efficiency and economic viability.” p. 3

Chapter 12

Tyson E. Lewis

Suspending the Ontology of Effectiveness in Education: Reclaiming the Theatrical Gestures of the Ineffective Teacher

“Opening up a space and time for the study of being a teacher (and here the word being as opposed to practicing should be given its full weight) means that teacher education should remain ontologically inoperative, and thus safeguard a new possibility for educational beauty that is not envisioned by either learnification of its most ardent of critics.” p. 167

“And in this way studiers and actors are ineffective, inoperative, unwise, yet also free, and in that freedom, beautiful.” p. 176

“The space of theatrical performance […] is a space of desubjectification through the rhythms of study which suspend the coordinates of the subject to act virtuously or to produce evidence of x,y, or z. Such teacher education as aesthetic performance is […] about de-creating teaching as such, so that the very concept and practice of teaching is inoperative, like a toy. […] His or her gestures become theatrical gestures that de-create/suspend themselves.” p. 177


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